Connecting Parents

Developing a positive and interactive relationship with parents has become an important asset of The Blossoms Daycare. Parents love the concept of receiving engaging photos and daily reports of their children at least once a day. We have developed a plan to achieve this by incorporating the use of a mobile digital app to partner with the parents of The Blossoms to share their children’s learning moments, milestones, meals, and daily activities.

Our report looks like!


Happy Friday 
It is last weekend of 2019. Enjoy with family and friends.
Have a wonderful weekend
See you on Monday.


12:35 pm – 2:05 pm (1h 30m)
Had a relaxed nap


Breakfast – All – A bowl of life cereal with milk fresh fruits
Lunch – Some – A bowl of chicken noodle soup and crackers slices of oranges some milk water
Afternoon Snack – Some – Whole wheat crackers, milk, slice of orange


8:17 am – Sat on Potty – Peed
8:45 am – Diaper – Bowel movement
11:15 am – Sat on Potty – Peed
3:15 pm – Sat on Potty – Peed


We are so happy
It is Friday

Daycare Activity

Piling Blocks
Counting them

Age: All ages
Domain: Communication and Literacies
Skills: Communicative Practices: Children form relationships through communicative practices
Indicator(s): Initiating and responding to gestural and visual languages.

Caring, Nurturing & Loving Environment

We Love Parents. Parents Love Us!