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Child Care & Development is Our Specailty!

Healthy early child development (ECD) sticks for a lifetime. This includes social, emotional, language, cognitive, and physical domains of development. Each asset is a building block for a child’s development. The stages of development are milestones of parenting, no matter what age a child experiences them as they grow.

The Blossoms Daycare offers high quality programs. We offer the best solutions in childcare services in Calgary, Alberta. We have a team of experts who aim to offer these services to children in an environment that is stimulating, cherishing and safe. The Blossoms helps enhance, capabilities, and skills, all in a safe and fun Calgary Daycare

Babies/Infants (12 - 19 Months) Program

The age range for 12-19-month-old babies is crucial in terms of development and learning. Babies try to reach out to the world around them, so to help and encourage them, we provide the freedom to explore and play in a safe Child Care setting, in which they can use their muscles which is vital for physical development. Babies greatly benefit when they can develop a sense of trust in their caregivers. Our experienced and qualified staff takes a proactive approach to guarantee that they feel a sense of belonging.

Toddlers (19 Months – 3 Years) Program

Our Toddlers daycare program supports children’s aspirations to discover and explore the world around them At this age, children tend to develop an attention span, independence, and coordination. The Blossoms Daycare provides children the opportunity to make their own choices and learn at each individual’s own pace under the supervision of our caring and dedicated staff. This program is designed to:

3 Yrs-5 Yrs

Children ages between 3 to 5 years continue to grow and learn. Social development during this period allows children to become self-sufficient to develop their social skills. This program is designed to promote:

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